Type W's Amazon Data Engine will create a seamless connection to your Business Intelligence & Data Visualization tools.
01 / FAST

Tired of weekly or monthly updates on your sales data built off of archaic technology? Our infrastructure is built off state-of-the-art architecture for big data to ensure our clients get the best possible service on a daily basis.  

02 / EASY

We make the onboarding experience as simple as possible. Each client is assigned an account manager to answer any questions, and ensure the best possible experience for each client. Most clients will be up and running in 24 hours.


Your data security is our primary focus. We utilize top encryption methods to ensure your data is safe. We have strict procedures around data access and will never share your data to a 3rd party.

Are you still using excel to create reports and losing out on valuable insights?

Let our experts utilize leading data visualization tools with our analysts to provide leading industry reports. Our goal is to provide clarity through data and let your team make data-driven decisions:
  • Customized reporting levels (allow users to see just their department/brand/regional data)
  • Online dashboard optimized for all platforms (computer, phone, etc.)
  • Tailored reports so each team can focus on their KPIs (sales, ops, marketing)
  • Summary level details so executives can get a real-time oversight tool (an internal stock-ticker for your company)


Sales are broken down and summarized from all of your ASINs on a daily basis.


Quick indicators for important KPIs to illustrate how the business is doing.


Sales are broken down and summarized from all of your ASINs on a daily basis.


Review outliers for abnormal conditions automatically so that operational issues can be resolved immediately.





  • We create solutions for each of your clients no matter how large or small
  • We create agency-wide reporting tools so your team can see a consolidated list of details with just one click
  • We'll help you with additional tools to manage your clients
Looking for something specific? Reach out and see if our team can help!




Our vision is to aggregate all retail data in a standardized system to allow consumer product companies to get clear actionable insights from their data to make data-driven decisions.
We are looking to expand our partnerships to allow us to develop omnichannel software and allow for an all-in-one data solution.
If you share our bold vision of the future of retail, we'd love to hear from you!



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