Why do you need access to my Amazon Seller Account? Can't we give access through the API like other Amazon Services?

At Type W, we pride ourselves on getting all of the data even if it is hard-to-access. Unfortunately, the Amazon API does NOT provide all the necessary reports to give an entire view of your Amazon Seller account. 

We ask for the minimum access to be able to access the reports necessary and no-more! We will never edit or change anything on your seller account.

Why did TypeW choose Google BigQuery for data storage?  

At Type W, we store A LOT of data and prioritize making sure it is secure. We also need a system that can easily connect to other software tools. This limited us to large-scale options from big players for data storage. The reason we chose BigQuery was for the following:

  • BigQuery allows 1TB of free queries per month. This means we can share your dataset and most clients will never have to pay an additional penny no matter how deep they are querying their data.

  • BigQuery makes it easy to connect to Machine Learning. If you are a client that is not satisfied with the 1TB of free queries, it's probably because you are performing Machine Learning on your dataset. BigQuery is a leader in AI/Machine Learning.

  • We trust the security, simplicity, scale, and reliability that Google provides

  • Google BigQuery is the best database to connect to Google Data Studio, the visualization software we utilize. Google Data Studio is the best free visualization software that can be scaled to any-size teams, embedded into your site, and easily connects with other Google products (Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc.)

Are there any additional cost to the ownership of the database/reporting software?



There are no storage costs with the Type W service. When you get access to the BigQuery database, you will get a FREE 1TB of querying memory per month. This will satisfy 99% of clients; however, if you do more intense querying (usually with Machine Learning), the costs are $5.00/TB. For further information on BigQuery pricing, click here.

There are no fees for the reporting software and it allows you to share with unlimited users! You can even add your Google Analytics data and Google Ads data with just a click. Further, you can add all your additional data utilizing 3rd-party connectors or by connecting to your own database!

How frequently is data updated?

Data is updated every 4-8 hours every single day. For vendor central, this means that it looks for any reports that weren't there previously. For seller central, advertising, and DSP, it will update the data to match what it is in the Amazon dashboard.

How secure is my data?

We take the security of your data seriously. We utilize secure private servers, password managers, and store your data completely separate from all other clients.  Your information is never shared with anyone else! If you have any questions or concerns on the security of your data, please reach out and we'd be happy to address.


Do you have any questions about Type W or our pricing? Reach out to contact us and a member from our team will get back to you shortly.